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People Are Sharing Their Scariest Real-Life Stories And Now I Can’t Sleep

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People Are Sharing Their Scariest Real-Life Stories And Now I Can’t Sleep

It’s almost Halloween time, so naturally a Reddit thread popped up this week asking, “What are your creepiest, spookiest, most inexplicable, supernatural/horrifying life experiences?” Universal Here are some of the best responses: 1. This toddler’s conversation: “My wife had a miscarriage at 20 weeks. It was a girl and we were going to name her…

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It’s almost Halloween time, so naturally a Reddit thread appeared today asking, “What are your creepiest, spookiest, most inexplicable, supernatural/horrifying life experiences?”


Here are a few of the best responses:


This toddler’s conversation:

” My better half had a miscarriage at 20 weeks. It was a lady and we were going to name her Samantha. A couple days later on, my other half hears our 2-year-old talking in her space in the middle of the night. My wife goes up and asks her what she’s doing and she states, ‘I’m talking with Samantha. She’s on the ceiling.'”

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The night horror hallucinations that may have been something more:

” I get night fears often or sleep paralysis. Sometimes when people would speak with me when I’m in that half sleep phase, and I responded, I would constantly react with plural pronouns. ‘We’re practically up,’ or, ‘We’re still in bed,’ that sort of thing. When people then ask me why I’m using those pronouns I’ll say something like, ‘We’re completely,’ or, ‘My pals are here.’

I ‘d start to see individuals, or figures perhaps, right at the edge of my peripheral. They ‘d look like individuals I knew. But their faces were always a bit blurry or extremely serious looking, like they had been awake for a few days directly. The weird thing though is they ‘d always begin in my peripheral vision and after that began to loom closer.

The next time I was home, I informed my papa about my weird half-dreams. He got very quiet, and told me he got them too. Nearly every night, if he didn’t go right to sleep.”



And this repeating sleep paralysis that feels a little too genuine:

” I sleep on my stomach and I still get sleep paralysis.

I start to feel a weird devil thing gradually crawling up the bed towards me– the mattress seems like it’s being pushed down by something’s legs and arms.

Then the bedsheet starts to slowly get taken down my back, and I’m lying there not able to move or see what’s happening.

Every single time it occurs I handle to convince myself that this time it’s really genuine and I’m not asleep. Ultimately I’ll handle to blink myself awake and the blankets are always half way down my body.”



This scary story of a home burglar:

” My parents’ bed room is at the front of your house, instantly at the front door. My mum goes out perhaps as soon as a year, and one night she came in at perhaps 2 a.m. from her annual ladies’ night. She took her shoes off and headed upstairs to my and my brother or sisters’ bed rooms to state goodnight. My daddy sleeps like a log, however for some unexplained factor, he knew that the front door opened for a 2nd time. It took him a couple of seconds to make it to the front door, and my mum was midway up the stairs, however a random man was standing inside your house. Seeing my daddy’s shocked face, he stated, ‘Your home a couple doors down is being robbed, I was trying to inform someone,’ and after that RAN OUTSIDE and down the street.

The chances that this man occurred to capture my mum on the unusual event she headed out, and essentially the unheard-of event she didn’t lock the door behind her, and my dad handles to safeguard the household. I have yelled bloody murder and he hasn’t stirred. I can’t envision what would have occurred and this guy was any luckier. My mum perhaps never ever would have made it up the driveway, or we all could have been in danger.”



The car wreck that almost got even worse, however didn’t:

” I remained in a significant automobile accident over a decade back. My automobile was struck by another cars and truck in such a method where I lost control of the car and somehow entered a complete circle on the highway. I T-boned a jersey wall, entirely destroying it and splitting the next two in line, and I bounced off that onto an off-ramp, with my side of the automobile facing traffic.

I am about to breathe out when I hear, ‘Hey kid. When I begin counting you have eight seconds to move your cars and truck or you’re going to be struck by an 18- wheeler. Do you understand? 8 … 7 … six …’

The voice didn’t need to inform me two times, I tossed my cars and truck into drive and got onto the shoulder. At ‘one,’ an 18- wheeler drove by the spot my car was parked on.

I ought to have died, according to the cops surveying the crash website later, but I walked away with a few swellings and I needed a root canal a couple of days later. I probably thought of the voice, however damn I’m thinking it was something otherworldly.”



This inexplicable parenting moment:

” Little apartment or condo, brand-new other half, very first kid. In order to get into the kitchen from the living space you had slalom past the sofa, a computer system desk, and into the doorway. For an adult, this is fine. For a kid who was just finding out to run and a computer desk that was at the ideal ‘make sure your kid eats crayons and can just count to spaghetti’ height, it was a headache.

I was tired, positioned on one end of the couch and attempting to enjoy TELEVISION. I had simply worked a million hours at the factory and simply desired some peace.

ZOOM. My daughter runs by me at ‘I can’t wait to wear a helmet’ speeds and I capture her prior to she bonks off the desk.

I tell her to stop running to the kitchen and return to dozing in front of the TELEVISION.

ZOOM! She tries it again, giggling, believing it is now a video game. I turn her around, yell at her more sternly, and repeat this game about three more times while my better half enjoys TELEVISION on the other end of the couch.

Then, half asleep, I view in scary as a little blonde head zooms past me, and into the kitchen area.

I lose my shit.

I leap up, shouting, and stomp into the kitchen just in time to see the cabinet under the sink close.

‘ What in the HELL are you doing?!’ I yell.

‘ What … what in the hell was that?’ my partner asks behind me, wide eyed and pale, my young child mainly asleep in her arms.

We never, ever looked, and moved right after.”



The doll that definitely carried on its own:

” I went to Argentina a couple of years ago to go see my mother’s side of my household. I had lots of fun in Argentina other than for when I needed to sleep during the night. The guest room was best beside the storeroom which had this odd, scary doll that my mama got as a kid. I understood something was off about it.

Quick forward to about 2: 30 a.m. and I hear this loud THUMP in the storage space. Another thump follows. This threw me and my mom awake, and we visited what was going on. The doll in some way got out of the chair and hit the door. I couldn’t sleep for the remainder of the night.”



This tale of a guy’s conversations with his dead loved ones:

” I grew up in Northern New England just north of the White Mountain National Park– there’s a strange energy here that’s tough to describe unless you’ve experienced it. Nevertheless, the majority of people I know that have resided in the location for some time have at least a couple of excellent ghost stories.

I have actually experienced things my whole life. When my great-grandmother passed, my mom would discover me on the flooring of our den having discussions with her empty rocking chair– entirely alone– in the middle of the night. Whenever she ‘d discover me, she ‘d ask who I was talking to– well Nana, of course! This took place for several years and I have no memory of these times, I can only tell you that I was an incredibly soft lil’ dude and I wouldn’t have actually wandered into a dark space without an engaging factor.”



This kid who satisfied his name … before he was even born:

” We have a photo of my spouse’s late grandfather on our glass table. My (then) 2-year-old who was named for him walks past it one day points to him and states, ‘I met him prior to I was born, he was truly great to me.’ It’s a truly good story, if a bit scary.”



This ghost story that includes a Pikachu magnet, of all things:

” I lost my mother to cancer a number of years back. Well, a number of years after, my siblings and I were visiting my father in their house over the December vacations. It’s a small place, so since there wasn’t much sleeping room, I (being the youngest) was to sleep in the lounge location.

The front of the home was open plan and linked to the kitchen area. And in the cooking area, on the refrigerator was/still is this little Pikachu fridge magnet which, when you press its stubborn belly, would say ‘Pikachu.’ It’s more than 15 years old however still working, I was a Pokémon fanatic as a kid.

So in the middle of the night, with everybody asleep, this thing starts going off like crazy. At first I believed it’s got ta be my siblings playing some foolish technique on me, so I stay up straight and examine to the refrigerator (which I can see from my bed mattress) but there’s no one even near it.

Get up to go examine it out, however as I come close it stops. I’m still dazed so I resemble whatever and head back to bed. I fall asleep, but after a while after I’m woken up by the noise again.

This time though, as I sit up, there’s the white figure of a female wearing a night dress standing at the foot of my bed. One similar to the one my mother had. And an icy cold hanging in the air. Like almost burning my face cold.

She takes a look at me and in a confused voice says, ‘This is my home, right?’ that makes sense because she was really baffled during her last number of months. Her personality degraded really fast.

I entirely froze, but at that minute I hear footsteps from the hallway’s side and she vanishes. As I’m sitting there trying to process what just happened my bro strolls into the room, turns on the light, and sees me pale as the ghost I just saw.

I obviously asked him if him and his other half were trolling me or something, but he in fact got up to investigate the noise too. His other half was quick asleep.

Now, being the sensible man I am, I did type of figure out a clinical description for what happened. See, my other bro’s kids had actually been over that day too, and they played around with the Pikachu. Also all this went down in the summertime, while it was extremely hot outside throughout the day, but when the noises began in the evening it was cold as all hell. So possibly that Pikachu’s stubborn belly expanded throughout the day and after that shrunk to a point where some switch within was making contact. When it comes to momma, we were spring cleansing that day and set up her preferred curtains that I kept in mind from when I was a kid. We likewise decided a number of her heirlooms. So there’s no doubt she remained in my mind a lot and I might have just been extremely groggy. However you understand what? It just doesn’t seem like one huge coincidence.”



This coincidence that couldn’t have been a coincidence:

” I woke up one night back in2015 I keep in mind waking up actually thirsty and opting for a drink of water in the kitchen. I kept believing ‘dag gum’ for some factor. Like, ‘get the dag gum cup, put the dag gum water,’ which is strange since I don’t state that. Ever.

So anyways, quick forward to the next morning. I get up and drive across town to satisfy my father-in-law to help him move a refrigerator and on my method I drove through the scene of a bad car/motorcycle mishap.

The rider on the motorcycle was on the ground on his stomach and as I went by, my blood ran cold when I saw the little license plate on his bike that read ‘DAG GUM’ …




This terrible moment caught on CCTV:

” I was a security organizer for a big electrical business and had access to like 80 of the facility’s CCTV facilities. I was doing a maintenance check on some random train station at like 3 a.m., panned a camera as far to the right as possible to inspect that it was functioning, and saw this man on all fours eating a deer in the middle of the tracks. Saw him for like 10 minutes and went to get the other person on shift, when I returned, the dude was gone. Rewound it, and the man stopped munching on the carcass, cleaned the gore off his face, and strolled into the woods like he didn’t have a care worldwide.”



This terrible warning from a household’s pet dogs:

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” I live in the deep mountains. I’m talking a 45- minute drive to the closest village. We are almost entirely separated, and surrounded on all sides by thousands of acres of nationwide forest. It is not uncommon for big predators to wander through our property: grizzlies, lions, wolves, etc. To assist fight this, my partner and I have a number of big shepherd dogs that stroll the residential or commercial property. If something goes bump in the night, either the canines go crazy, or they do not. After a while, you learn interpret their barking and grumbling, from batshit panic when a bear is outdoors, to talking a lot when a raccoon gets in the trash.

One December evening my spouse and I were enjoying World Earth My shepherds love to enjoy the television and see all the cool animals. We had actually seen several episodes and they never made a peep when they saw sharks, elephants, komodos, hyenas, blah, blah. Then came the mountain episode, and they cut to a night vision scene of a mountain lion stalking in the dark. The canines all lost it. Nearly overturned the TELEVISION trying to attack it. It was unnerving to state the least. We get lions around here, but to see how keen the canines were on simply a clip of one actually showed not only the reality that they were intimately familiar with the danger, but that they naturally understood what one looked like lurking in the night. It was a fundamental risk and they were frightened to death of it. We had actually watched hundreds of hours of shows with them and never ever when got that response before.

Here’s the shit-your-pants frightening part of the story. I actually don’t even like writing it, due to the fact that the entire thing still freaks us out to this day.

We are once again all inside on a cold winter night. My spouse and I plop down to watch some TV, and the canines gather around intently. I choose to throw on a silly alien documentary my buddy advised. The pet dogs watch closely, however appear normal. Then the documentary shows some supposed photos of greylings lurking in the night. THE PET DOGS FUCKING LOSE IT. Even worse than the mountain lions. Holy shit, we need to turn the TV off to stop the canines from damaging your house and even then they are all very gone crazy, tucked tails, whimpering, the works. Again, we enjoy TV with them all the fucking time and nothing has ever got them riled up, let alone in a complete panic, except for these 2 instances …

After we soothe the canines down, my other half and I beinged in silence for a long while as the scary gradually washed over us. That ‘what if’ when you hear the pet dogs freaking out in the middle of the night apparently might be aliens. Not. Fucking. Cool.”



This chilling moment that three siblings all experienced at the very same time:

” It had to do with midnight and I was chillin’ in my space, enjoying some show with the volume on low as one does when it’s nighttime and your house is quiet. I’m minding my own organisation when I get this unexpected chill up my spinal column and my stomach drops. Before I can even resemble ‘huh that’s strange,’ I hear this piercingly loud sound of a lady yelling with her mouth closed … just the noise is both directly in my ear and also coming from the living-room straight outside my bedroom door. It lasts for perhaps two seconds before the home ends up being quiet once again.

At this moment, my heart is beating out of my chest and I’m sweaty and, in spite of my hand now being on the doorknob, I’m battling between the ideas of ‘this is how people pass away, you dumb bitch’ and ‘I need to make sure it wasn’t my mom or sis.’

So household triumphes and I begrudgingly open my door to the dark. A couple of seconds later, both my bro and sister come out of their rooms having the same wide-eyed look. After seeing that our parents are fast asleep, all doors and windows are locked, the street is empty, and whatever is the same, we verify all of us heard the specific same thing: a disembodied scream originating from the center of the living space and directly next to us, despite us being on opposite ends of your home at the time.

Still no explanation for it and it’s not the only unusual thing to take place in this house.”



This story of a child who recognized “the male”:

” My mommy used to inform me that when I was a little youngin’ still in the baby crib, I ‘d point at the popcorn ceiling in my space and simply state, ‘The guy, the male,’ as if there was something there. One day my mom took me to my cousin’s house a state away, where they had household pictures along the wall. She was carrying me and explaining various member of the family, and I pointed at one and said, ‘The male, the man!’ the guy being my fantastic grandpa whom I share a name with and died before I was born. My mommy stated this would have been the very first time I ‘d seen my fantastic grandfather in a photo.”



And lastly, this ghost story with a happy ending:

” My grandma had a neighbor/friend who sadly lost her partner when she was young, about 40 or so years earlier. This lady was so upset, due to the fact that for a couple years after his death, she couldn’t dream of her spouse. For some reason it truly bothered her that she couldn’t experience a dream with him in it. It’s practically like she desired it for the comfort.

A long time passes, and this female is preparing to offer her home and move better to her kids (they lived a state over). All of a sudden, she gets her wish. She starts dreaming, and her spouse is in them. In every one her other half wakes her up, sits down on the bed, and starts speaking with her. Nevertheless, his speech frightens her. It was explained to me as ‘backwards’ or ‘garbled.’ I picture it to be something similar to the way Twin Peaks characters speak in the Black Lodge. So yeah, quite goddamn scary. She can’t make a single word out.

A couple of days before she’s about to move out for excellent, she goes to sleep and dreams of him once again. The dream is the very same, other than she understands ONE word he says. He gets her in the dream and consistently says ‘rafters’– almost appearing worried. She awakens rattled, however go back to sleep.

The next day, as she’s completing up packaging in the basement, she looks up and sees the rafters. She keeps in mind the dream, and is compelled to reach into them. She does, and takes out thousands of dollars worth of WW2 bonds her other half had acquired without her understanding. She swears he never ever informed her about them. So he appeared in her dream to inform her so she would not leave all those bonds behind when she sold your home.

Story still gives me chills today.”


Some submissions have actually been edited for length or clearness.

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