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26 Practical Storage And Organization Products That Are Actually Not Ugly

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26 Practical Storage And Organization Products That Are Actually Not Ugly

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication. 1. A hair tool organizer that’ll keep your curling iron, hair…

26 Practical Storage And Organization Products That Are Actually Not Ugly thumbnail

We hope you love the products we suggest! Simply so you know, BuzzFeed may gather a share of sales or other payment from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI– costs are accurate and items in stock since time of publication.


A hair tool organizer that’ll keep your curling iron, hair straightener, and clothes dryer from taking over your counters. It includes hooks so it can be hung on the cabinet or neglected on your vanity as is!


The hooks can also be utilized to wrap the cables from your heating tools so you can put an end to the twisted mess under your sink.

Get it from Amazon for $28 (readily available in black and white).


A narrow storage cart you can slip into little locations so you have a lot of space for all your must-haves. Bye-bye, small restroom troubles!

Urban Outfitters.

Appealing review: “It’s best and useful! Extremely easy to set up and it is perfectly slim sufficient to fit between my toilet and tub. It assists keep everything arrange and accessible. Perk if you remove the wheels and hang it on the wall as a over the toilet shelve.”– Kitty_kat

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $69


Stackable flowerpot so you can see what you have without needing to mess up your perfectly folded sweatshirts by searching through everything.


Promising review: “Actually like this box. It’s great for holding any variety of closet products. I liked it so much I ordered the big box likewise. It’s absolutely soft-sided and doesn’t have great deals of structure but it’s ideal for holding my rolled up tank tops and such. And I can fold it flat when completed with it.”– VSK

Get a set of four from Amazon for $2999(available in 10 colors and five pack sizes).


A hanging beverage station if you have actually always wanted a bar cart, however don’t have the area. Now you can get into the cocktail ~ spirit ~ and work up some artisanal beverages right in your house.

Uncommon Product.

Appealing review: “We reside in a 2 bedroom house in Manhattan, where every square foot counts. This drifting bar is versatile and can be utilized to save other kitchen products. We opted to put a couple of our finest alcohol bottles on the side dealing with into the apartment or condo and keep other items behind them for appearances sake.”– Gastrinoma

Get it from Uncommon Goods for $118


Appealing review: “I like how personalized it is, specifically with it being two separate parts that can simply slide towards or far from each other to adjust the area appropriately. I used it for my workplace desk so that I might make usage of the vertical area for all the items all over my desk, and it looks so much neater thanks to this helpful rack! It’s relatively long lasting: I put my workplace phone (~10 lbs) on the top rack, which is resting on the very edge of the bottom piece, and there have actually been no problems so far!”– Sarvani Gorti

Get it from Amazon for $2499(available in 3 colors).


A sleek bedside caddy for saving common nightstand mess … but primarily so you don’t need to constantly rise to get the remote. The audacity!


Appealing evaluation: “I liked the simple however chic look of this item. It is best for my bedtime activities. I work extremely long days and like to come house to a relaxing space where whatever is readily available. This bedside caddy provides solves that requirement. I can easily store and access my phone, iPad, preferred book/magazine, and so on. It was very easy to connect to my bed (I simply inserted the flap in between package spring and my mattress). Likewise, terrific rate for what I received:-RRB-.”– Theresa

Get it from Amazon for $2499 (readily available in nine colors).


A cable organizer that’ll keep your cords from ending up in a spaghetti noodle mess, and avoid your charger from unfortunately slipping behind your desk.

Batelier/ Etsy.

Get it from Batelier on Etsy for $29, or something similar from Amazon for $ 8.99


A wood rack with a rod and hooks to save you on those late early mornings when you require to get a locket and go but do not have the time to untangle a tumbleweed of chains.

The Knotted Wood/ Etsy.

Get it from The Knotted Wood on Etsy for $35 ( offered in six sizes and 12 wood/finish colors).


And for your smaller sized pieces, a contemporary jewelry box that’s compact however magnificent. It includes multiple compartments lined with a soft linen fabric, plus a ring roll for supreme company.


Appealing evaluation: “This looks fantastic on top of my dresser! It was a little costlier than I meant to invest on a jewelry box however it does appear really durable and excellent quality and I absolutely love the simplicity and elegance of it. I likewise believe the side drawer is pretty cool!”– Anna T

Get it from Amazon for $3099 (offered in two sizes and 3 colors).


A set of adorable and highly helpful expandable file folders so you can take that bin filled with important documents down to a workable size– and then really have the ability to discover that one tax return from 2014 when you * need * it.


Appealing evaluation: “I purchased this folder to keep our family files arranged and in one place. There are just the correct amount of tabs for our birth certificates, passports, social security cards, automobile titles, will, degrees, etc. in one place, and this folder is small enough that you can lock it in a house safe or safe-deposit box. I let a couple household members understand where I keep this so that they can access it in case of an emergency. It is such a relief knowing that all these things are together and organized. I’m delighted I bought this.”– Katie

Get them from Amazon for $ 7.99(available in eight colors).


A wooden or metal clothing rack for small spaces to supply additional room for your often used coats and shirts– you understand, since who actually wears * whatever * in their closet?!

Urban Outfitters.

Get the wood rack for $129(offered in two colors) or the metal rack for $169 from Urban Outfitters.


Clear plastic bins for organizing the heap of charm items in your vanity drawer– or truly ANY scrap drawer– so you can quickly find what you require on early mornings.


Promising review: “Great product! I purchased these to put in my nightstand drawer to save small things, as the drawer is really deep. I’ve got Chapstick, cold cream, a little flashlight, and other bedside items in them so they’re not just rolling around the drawer. I simply purchased some more for my bathroom vanity. They fit together well but likewise lift right out of each other. The plastic is strong, and they came separately wrapped to keep them from scratching.”– Sparkyj

Get a six-piece from Amazon for $1499


A set of ceramic canisters with teensy spoons charming enough to leave out. These’ll give you quickly retrieval of your sugar and coffee, which we all know is VERY essential on slow early mornings.


Promising evaluation: “There’s absolutely nothing I do not like about this item. I renovated my kitchen with vintage ’50 s turquoise and this canister set was ideal for what I wanted. The benefit of having actually spoons connected to the side is a nice added touch, in addition to the silicone seal and the old time clasp which seals in the taste for my coffee and teas.”– Della J. Bryant

Get a set of four from Amazon for $3195 (available in 4 colors).


An over-the-door mirror and organizer, because dorms and small homes have absolutely nothing on your storage game. Now you’ll have an easy-to-access mirror and place for small getting-ready essentials.

PB Teenager.

Get it from PB Teenager for $169


A magnetic rack that simply sticks to the side of your fridge and supplies storage area for your most-used items. Bonus offer: It looks fabulous.


Promising evaluation: “Little however strong. It’s an ideal addition for a little (generally messy) kitchen. Now I always know where the paper towels are. The leading shelf is a fantastic location to keep often-used items (honey, Sriracha sauce, garlic powder, etc.), and the hooks at the bottom work well for small pot holders. The magnet holds well– I have not had any issues with the rack moving down the side of my refrigerator. I think this is a fantastic item.”– C. A. Fuchs

Get the larger one (left) from Amazon for $3899 and the smaller sized one (right) for $1786


A hanging rack for stylishly storing and showing little restroom must-haves so even your guests can find an extra roll when needed.

Native Range/ Etsy.


Or! Wire baskets you can use throughout your home from TP storage to arranging pantry products. Or craft materials! Or cookbooks! Actually, the options are unlimited.


Appealing evaluation: “Bought this to go on drifting wood plank racks in the bathroom, terrific size. It quickly holds four rolls of bathroom tissue and still has space in it for some other restroom necessities. Ended up buying a second for publications.”– tSvi

Get them from Amazon for $1232 (readily available in 2 sizes and 5 colors).


A basket caddy— who allowed a shower caddy to be this sophisticated? Honestly, this will make your restroom look like a dang day spa * AND * keep your soaps good ‘n neat.


Promising evaluation: “We have a walk-in shower and had nowhere to store shower products other than for the floor … that just wasn’t sufficing so we purchased these storage baskets and are exceptionally pleased with the purchase! It’s the ideal amount of storage and I enjoy the holes at the bottom of the baskets for simple cleansing.”– CarStar0804

Get it from Amazon for $1597


A bread box to not only keep your loaves and pastries from developing into crumbly rocks, however provide a quite home that looks absolutely fabulous on your counter tops. Safeguard carbs at all costs!


Promising evaluation: “This breadbox is just beloved on my counter. I have actually been trying to find something to help keep the mess off my counter for several years. I was so sick of seeing the exact same old kinds everywhere. This one is perfect! It holds 2 LOAVES of bread and any other baked items you may have.”– The Brandy Eckman

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Get it from Amazon for $3699 (also readily available in blue-green).


A small red wine rack you can hang under your cabinets, because having vino in an easy-to-reach location is adult guideline number one. This will also take you, like, 5 minutes to put together, and I will cheers to that. * clink *


Promising review: “The best storage option for those of us with a smaller sized kitchen area! Quickly installed, simple design, and incredibly hassle-free!”– Amy O

Get it from Amazon for $1599


Oh! Plus a wine glass holder for conveniently keeping your finest stemware. You’re about to have a lot empty space in your cabinets, you will not even understand what to do with it all!


Promising review: “Excellent item, genuine wood, and simple to cut to size for your task. I utilized them to install some glasses to some burned wood shelves I had installed. They were about two inches too long for the shelves I had, however they lowered easily with a miter saw.”– JayS

Get a set of 4 from Amazon for $2099


A hanging purse organizer with a clear encasing to make picking a bag the simplest part of creating an outfit.


Promising review: “I enjoy great handbags and I save approximately buy excellent bags of quality. By doing this of storing my handbags is so hassle-free– there’s no tension on the straps, they show up, protected, available, and dust-free in one arranged location. The hook and joints are strong. I really have 12 handbags saved, and the smaller sized handbags have lots of room to share a sleeve. Good item! Thankful I bought it.”– Julia H.

Or! If you’re like this clever-as-heck reviewer, you can utilize it to store sheets and maximize some shelving area!

” These were an ideal solution to my storage needs! I purchased these to save sets of bedsheets. Each pocket can more than easily hold an entire set of queen sheets(I make certain they would hold king sets completely), and I can easily see the sets. I required something that would hang because it’s a little closet without shelves. These are excellent!”– crwMSU

Get it from Amazon for $1199(offered in 4 colors).


Annnnd, a smart wallet (or sunglasses!) tray that can snap onto a wire shelf and give your crucial devices a much better home than the bottom of your bag.


Promising evaluation: “I love that I can quickly see what little clutches and wallets I own. It makes it much easier and saves a couple of minutes of my time when I desire to change out or alter up my wallet/clutch. It’s resilient, easy to set up, and I recommend it.”– Gem Nicole

Get it from Amazon for $1799 (readily available in 2 styles).


A chicken wire spice rack that’ll nicely display your most-used spices so you can cook with ease. Get yourself some matching spice bottles and labels, and you’ve essentially got yourself some A cooking area wall decor.,

Promising evaluation: “These are AMAZING! Each time I open my kitchen and we have visitors over they ask where we purchased them. I have actually two stacked on top of each other and have actually arranged everything alphabetically. It frees up a lot area in the cabinets, enables you to see what you’re looking for, and also holds other things like drink blends, dry food blends, and so on. I enjoy it!”– Amazon Consumer

Get it from Amazon for $3099, and get 36- piece spice container set with labels for $3499


A hexagon shelf wall organizer for your ever-growing essential oil stockpile– or skin care items, or nail polish, or shot glass collection, or I can keep going …

Tucker Design Co./ Etsy.


A multi-purpose hanging organizer you can utilize in many areas. Think: Closet for clothing, entertainment area for toys, and craft space for supplies.


Appealing evaluation: ” I’m using one as storage for my pet dog’s grooming items/poop bags/medication. The other is being used for my aquatic turtle’s food and cleaning liquids. Total I’m very satisfied with the item. It’s elegant and saved items all right for me to understand where things are while still making my house appearance clean.”– Flo88

Get a set of two from Amazon for $ 8.99 (available in 3 color sets).

Your brain when it understands how stylishly arranged you are:


Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clearness.

Looking for something specific? Inspect out BuzzFeed Reviews to find the finest things for every budget!


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